Invisible Setting Engagement Rings in Chicago, IL

Few pieces of finely crafted custom jewelry have the allure as those bespoke of diamond invisible setting engagement rings, especially those with magnificent clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. If you have discerning tastes when it comes to exquisite jewelry, selecting the right gemstone is equally important as choosing the correct designer.

The Experts at Joel Singer Jewelry

In Chicago’s historic Jewelers Row, established in 1872 by some of America’s finest jewelers, few have the expertise and commitment to quality and value as the team at Joel Singer Jewelry. For more than 45 years, Joel and his craftsmen have been winning hearts and minds with elegant and timeless custom diamond rings, custom engagement rings, and custom wedding rings – each of which can be set as invisible setting rings. Truly masters of their craft, Joel Singer jewelry designers work with each client individually to understand their needs, personal style, and create beautiful pieces of art that express both.

What Are Invisible Setting Engagement Rings?

One of the greatest misconceptions of custom diamond rings is that multi-carat single gemstones are the most desirable and will retain their value over time. At Joel Singer Jewelry, we pride ourselves on educating customers about the beauty, long-lasting value, and possibilities of invisible setting rings – or rings made with multiple gemstones but set in such a way as to give the appearance of being a single stone. While it is true that not all diamond rings are created equal, personal style and budgetary concerns make invisible setting engagement rings a wonderful option for many customers concerned about the potential loss of a larger, single gemstone.

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At Joel Singer Jewelry, acquiring the custom invisible setting rings you have always longed for is only a phone call away at 312-332-1475. Call our experts today and let them design the custom invisible setting rings you have always dreamed of. We are located at 29 E. Madison in Chicagoland’s iconic Jewelers Row, one block west of The Magnificent Mile – the Michigan Avenue shopping district. For the quality, value, and customer service you deserve, call us today or stop by for a complimentary quote.